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How I got married on 3 continents in 6 months

How I got married on 3 continents in 6 months

How I got married on 3 continents for less than $30 K


This past October, I got engaged to the most adorable man I could conceive of.

My man is a Hindu and I’m Christian- but I knew this was the man I wanted to marry.

To add a bit of further spice, this most adorable man lived in London and I lived in Dubai and his parents lived in India and decreed at the time of our engagement that the wedding should take place 6 weeks later, on a given day in December, based on Vedic astrology.

So I did what any red-blooded American girl would do! I got on my flight back to Dubai (where I lived at the time) and hired 3 virtual assistants to research wedding venues for the Vedic-astrology approved dates.

While both working 60-80 hours a week, we paid 2-3 virtual assistants to research, plus relied on friends plus did our own visits and sorted out venue and caterer for less than 2 grand. His family provided attire and we all covered own airfare. Final result?

This past December, my husband and I came together in holy matrimony with a small group of 25 people in a beautiful converted mansion in London, United Kingdom!

Total wedding/airfare cost: Less than 5 K

Total planning time: 5 weeks


However, we hit a little glitch. As non-Brits, we would have to spend an eternity waiting for a UK marriage license.   As modern global millenials, we found this unacceptable! So we took advantage of the American option of a 48- hour marriage license for US nationals and also were legally married in a small secret ceremony with slide shows and champagne toast at a small coastal hotel back on the on the East Coast.

Total wedding cost: Less than 3K

Total planning time: 3 weeks


If wedding 1 was for the planets and wedding 2 was for the law, wedding 3 was truly for us.   In our final epic wedding, we convened over 200 friends and family gathered living across the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia for a big love celebration on the beach in my husband’s ancestral homeland.


Because of the exchange rate , we were able to rent the beachfront courtyard with fantasy-themed décor, a photo-both and a massive buffet and decked-out stage for a very reasonable price.

Total wedding cost: Less than 2K

Total planning time: 8 weeks



In the past 20 years, the destination wedding has become a phenomena. Now, in this era of globalization, international couples are taking it to the next level with transcontinental nuptials i.e. wedding world tours. The first time I heard about this was from a British friend marrying a Nigerian- in addition to a “white wedding” in London, they also had a “traditional wedding” based on tribal customs in Nigeria, followed by a huge party in Dubai.


The idea seems splashy and outrageous but is really just an outgrowth of us living increasingly international lives.   If you live an international life, you will note the rate of miscegenation and international marriage are only increasing along with the rate of study and employment overseas. Its easy to honeymoon and wed abroad- there’s even a couple having over 40 weddings overseas. In some cases, this works out cheaper than doing even 1 ceremony in a city like New York or Los Angeles.


Plus, it’s a great way to bond with your spouse and bring together your loved ones from all over the world. For all my fellow international lovers, consider #globalcreating your nuptials and going one step beyond the typical wedding with a #weddingworldtour!




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Studied in Atlanta/Havana/Paris/Santiago/New York and Oxford. Worked all over Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. Belly dancing polyglot and my baby's fave philosopher

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