Want to live an idyllic state with optimal health and maximum relaxation like Adam & Eve in the garden of Eden?

Ok, that might be a bit ambitious but seriously, Lotus Goa is a sublime destination for anyone looking to max out both yoga and ayurveda on a budget!

I completely unwinded my mind, toned my body, learned and up-leveled and am so grateful to Lotus Goa for the experience.  We are literally considering making this an annual trip.

For about $300 USD per week (at time of purchase, subject to variations in USD-INR exchange rate), you get:

  • Nice, clean, reasonable accommodation in an expansive, air conditioned flat or on-campus with bedroom/bathroom of your own in the lovely beach town of Varca, in one of India’s most romantic tourist destination, the state of Goa
  • 1 ayurvedic health consultation and recommended regime of treatment
  • 1 sunrise yoga class for 60-90 minutes in front of the jungle, which include surya namaskar, a variation of tailored asanas and pranayama (Classes are for no more than 6 people and sometimes joined by the founder’s smiling cherubic little kids.)
  • Ghee neti pot cleaning to ensure proper breathing for meditation
  • Daily vegetarian sattvic breakfasts, often including South Indian favorites like dosa- but nutritionally optimized (i.e. using ancient grains like millet instead of white flour)
  • 1 90 minutes ayurvedic treatment, which could include:
    • Abhyanga, a blissful full-body massage using medicated oils
    • Shirodhara, a hypnotic intervention where medicated oils are drizzed across your third eye and forehead in kaleidoscopic patterns, putting you in a total trance
    • Steam bath, which bathes the entire body except the head in steam including selected botanicals
    • Powder massage, a reputedly fat-reducing massage which involves scrubbing with tailored combinations of herbs
    • Poultice massage, which is like hot stone massage, except replacing stones with bundled herbs soaked in milk or medicated ghee
  • Vegetarian sattvic lunch
  • Relaxation time on-campus or at Goa’s myriad beaches
  • Optional intermission trips to nearby tourist attractions, i.e. forts, spice plantations and waterfall hikes
  • 90 minute sunset yoga session on the beach, which include surya namaskar, a variation of tailored asanas and pranayama
  • Vegetarian sattvic dinner
  • Presentations on ayurveda, yoga and spirituality
  • Fresh locally grown fruit for desert


What’s described above is ONE DAY at Lotus Goa- if you stay for 7, you will emerge a new man or woman.