One of the best training camps in Thailand, Rawai Muay Thai is designed for people at all fitness levels.With its welcoming environment beginners and professionals find a place to train in proper Muay Thai techniques. They are committed to offering guests first-rate training with Thai trainers who are the best at what they do. A traditional Muay Thai gym, they teach all aspects of Thai Boxing, including Muay Boran and the Wai Kru ceremony, which is performed before every fight.

Muay Thai classes is an intense workout which will stimulate rapid weight loss and tone your body. There are many reasons to take a Muay Thai holiday some of the most common are

  • to improve fitness;
  • to increase stamina;
  • to lose weight;
  • to increase muscle; and
  • to get fighting experience
Tuk and Diana are the owners of the camp. You can easily contact Diana for details about accommodations and training. She always responds within 48 hours. Tuk is a retired fighter and can often be seen in the gym working with foreign students and Thai boxers. Because of his experience and connections he can organize a fight for you if you think you are ready.

I have tried several gyms in Thailand but this is by far my favorite. One of the big pluses is that it is located in Khaolak a small town about two hours north of Phuket. This means there is less traffic on the street, you interact more with locals and best of all the sleazy feeling of major tourist centers is left far behind. The gym offers air-con standalone bungalows as well as a host of other “affordable” accommodation.  In addition to the gym and pool, there is a tattoo shop, cafe, gear store, and massage parlor on premise. You can rent push bikes or mopeds with helmets directly from the office. They can also assist you with organizing other tours such as diving or hiking.

The staff and trainers are very friendly—taking a vested interest in how you are getting along.  There is a photographer there to capture all your training glory. At Rawai you never know who you will meet from Guadeloupe to New Zealand people from all walks of life enjoy a break here.

Rawai Muay Thai

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