In a health crisis or need a health reboot?

Need to lose a kg or 20? Diabetes? Ulcers? Fibroids? Stress?

Imagine walking in the garden of Eden and slowly gracefully releasing all that dis-ease by breathing, love, patience, and fresh fruit and vegetables. That’s essentially the promise of Jindal Naturecure Institute in Bangalore, India.

For over 20 years, the institute, founded by a leading Indian steel manufacturer, has aimed to promote natural healing of the local community and country, using only natural methods.  Visitors must throw out medications on arrival and pledge to stay for a minimum 7 days without leaving the facilities.

They wake at dawn for daily walks and swims, punctuated by yoga, breathing and meditation classes.  They are also consulted by an ayurvedic practitioner and prescribed a variety of natural modalities, i.e. masks, sauna, infrared, steam and several varieties of massages.  Patients include dignitaries of India and beyond.

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