Volunteer with young people who have fewer opportunities to achieve competencies in videography and social network management.
The hosting organization works with the local community in Chinandenga where it supports people at risk of discrimination in local development building projects. The organization especially supports the development of the local rural economy, such as the production of local products to foster the self-sustenance of the communities. The organization also offers training in general interest such as healthy lifestyles, English,  and project management. Volunteers don’t need any experience in ICT, social network management or video making, nor in social work or in a foreign language. The selection will be based on motivation and understanding of the project idea.

 accommodation, food and transport arrangements

The volunteers will live in a house belonging to local families. The volunteers will have their own room, indipendent access at the house, use of the bathroom. They will share the use of the kitchen and living room with local inhabitants.
The house will be equipped with all the basic furniture. There is no guarantee of washing machines (nor for dishes or clothes).

volunteer profile

. The volunteers have to be ready for an experience that will challenge themselves. The social context can be hard and the volunteers have to be open towards meeting other cultures, way of living, thinking, point of view sometimes difficult to understand and accept.
There is no need to be Waldensian or to belong to any religion to take part to the project.

how to apply

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