SVP volunteers teach English at public higher education institutions around Sudan. Most are given considerable freedom to choose what and how they teach.

The typical volunteer teaches free or semi-structured discussion classes, more structured English communication classes or a combination of both. These are generally extra-curricular, and volunteers are expected to make their own lesson plans and select or prepare their own resources.

Those with significant previous teaching experience may have the opportunity to teach full courses based on syllabuses or course books chosen by their institution, or even to train local English language teachers.

What does SVP look for in a volunteer?

  • Are you a graduate or near-graduate in any discipline?
  • Are you a native English speaker (or a non-native speaker with excellent English language skills?)
  • Are you enthusiastic about the idea of teaching English?
  • Are you resilient, resourceful, patient, good-humoured and culturally sensitive?
  • Are you prepared to commit to at least six months in Sudan?
  • Are you able to fund your own flights to and from Sudan?


What do volunteers provide?

As well as your flights to and from Sudan, the medical check, criminal records check and any required inoculations will be at your own expense. We also ask you to pay £80 (or the equivalent in USD) upon arrival towards a comprehensive insurance plan that will cover you throughout your time in the country.

What does SVP provide?

SVP arranges your entry, residency and exit visas free of charge and organises your teaching placement. This will include accommodation and a monthly stipend payment, which will allow you to live simply but comfortably. Upon arrival, SVP will manage your orientation and arrange for you to speak to other teachers and observe their classes before you start teaching.