The Product Manager will play a key role at EXO Travel Malaysia, providing essential tasks across multiple departments. The role focuses on developing exciting and innovative travel experiences, communicating with tour operators/agents, and supporting the inbound team.


Product Development

  • Produce an annual plan for product development in consultation with the General Manager and EXO Head Office.
  • Create, develop, update and constantly improve Exo Travel’s experiences, touring itineraries and exclusives in Malaysia.
  • Design and quote brochures and tenders.
  • Develop and improve travel products in destination through regular site inspections.
  • Create, review and update Annual Product Range for Tariff.
  • Train the Exo Malaysia team on destination, suppliers and new product
  • Integrate responsible activities and suppliers in tours and inform clients on the impact of these so they can make discerning choice in close coordination with the EXO Foundation regional coordinator