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Up-leveling in a Globalized World

Up-leveling in a Globalized World

Not to depress you but technology is automating low-skilled jobs and replicating high-skilled jobs. Also, high-skilled jobs are being outsourced to poorer countries. At the same time, whole new industries are emerging with almost no barriers to entry. So….. what will you do in the wild and crazy place we call a global economy?

Do you plan to move abroad?  Start a business in the USA? Or better to export to an emerging market? Outsource service jobs ? Become a digital entrepreneur? What”s your strategy?

Does the global high-tech economy scare you or thrill you?

And what steps are most critical to be ready for it?

About The Author

Studied in Atlanta/Havana/Paris/Santiago/New York and Oxford. Worked all over Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. Belly dancing polyglot and my baby's fave philosopher

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