People keep incorrectly referring to me as a “jet-setter”.

Thanks but…. I’m not nor have I ever been nor do I aspire to be a jet setter.
A jet setter is someone who travels internationally on a regular basis, with lots of fun and tourism in luxurious destinations.

Sounds cushy and probably many people aspire for a jet-settling lifestyle.
Maybe I’m not posh enough yet but I don’t.
I prefer a different reality of globalcreating where travel means flying in to promote eco-tourism in Peru or make documentaries in Brazil or help government agencies and investors in the Arabian Gulf.

Me with members of an eco-tourism startup I mentored in Peru

I prefer delving into the country and really building relationships, like going train agriculture cooperatives in Angola and Tanzania or even going to study abroad.

My favorite trips often don’t involve spending tons of money or expensive resorts, my favorite trips are ones where I was able to connect most with the people and add/receive the most value,  as a person.

The adage goes that there are 2 kinds of people in the world: consumers and producers.

Jet-setters travel mostly to consume, to see the Christ statue and Machu Pichu (which I never saw in the 3 years I lived in Brazil and 8 months in Peru), to shop all over 5th Avenue and Champs Elyssees, to drink all the wine Cape Town can produce.

That’s cool but for me and my fellow globalcreators, travel is mostly an act of production: producing business partnerships, producing strategies for clients, producing research or knowledge or art or money…. And of course, friendships. ☺

So I kinda cringe when my fellow Black and Brown people, and my fellow middle-class people back in the USA call me a “jet-setter” and/or say they want to be one.
And when I hear them say, “ I’d rather have a passport full of stamps than a big old house”, I just pray they have no kids.

Me with local kids after an agribusiness training in Angola

Because, at this point in our collective trajectory, where we face a massive wealth gap, differential socio-economic mobility and access to capital (like mortgage and risk capita), we cannot really afford to be consumers.

Or at the very least, it’s irresponsible to prioritize consumption over production until we have passed a very high economic threshold, which includes giving back.
When we get to be like our friends in the Jewish community, where this is no income gap and instead massive support networks for career investment and collective progress, perhaps then we can afford to be jet-setters and travel with no R.O.I expected.

But in the meantime, its imperative to travel and actually get some shit done.  If this seems lofty, I promise you its not.  There are so many opportunities to get paid to travel that I wonder why everyone doesn’t do it!  Just a little sample for evidence of what is possible, you can literally get paid to:

I’ve just included a dash of ideas just to show that you can literally get paid to do anything  abroad that you can be paid for at home- although there’s literally millions more opportunities on sites like InternationalityDevExGoAbroad and countless others.
So save your money and don’t be a jet-setter, be a globalcreator.
Not only is it strategic, I promise it’s much more fun.