“Spin the globe…mark your spot and pack your bags,” that is Farook Singh’s advice.

You may not recognize his name, but you surely have caught a glimpse of the stunning footage and infectious sounds of the Music Voyager series. An epic multimedia adventure around the globe, Music Voyager has been broadcast in more than 150 countries, on flights, cruise ships, and online. Highlighting local musicians and regional cultures the series dives deep into the origins and rhythms that unite us as a human race.

A resident of Colorado, Farook says, “We are always on the road to the next location, be it planning, production or broadcast. Home is where I put down my hat this evening.” His mission to bring indigenous sounds to a global audience has taken him to more than 75% of the world’s countries. A globalcreator in the truest sense, Farook speaks seven languages and is the founder of Tantra, an award-winning international production company telling engaging stories through authentic and intimate moving images. With no technical training in film, he says, “I personally would not be able to switch on a camera. I have been always blessed to find the best teammates who truly make the magic happen.” He goes on to explain how as a modern day griot, he has, “A Storyteller’s spirit, one that listens to the stories of every person I meet, city, or country I visit and an insatiable desire to paint it across the world through broadcast.”  

At fifty-four years old, he is nowhere near finished. His latest series, Colors of Peru, is a mysterious journey into the diverse population that makes up the South American nation. From the Amazon to Afroperuano communities, the mysteries of Nazca, the barrios of Lima, and the villages of the Andes, audiences are invited to participate in centuries-old traditions which told through this dynamic narrative seamlessly blend with modern cultural expressions. Colors is not the only forthcoming project, Keys to the City gives viewers a peek into the creative soul of cities, with stories told by local creators, trendsetters, and celebrities. Colors of the Islands asks what happens when you look beyond the beaches and hotels and dare to venture inside the unique culture defined by signatures styles and its own heartbeat? Get to know the people who call these vacation paradises home. Farook feels fortunate to, “Travel the world as a storyteller, helping the world speak to each other in one voice.”  Erasing the borders which divided us, his goal is unity—helping us relate to each other on an individual level in the “spirit, friendship, food, music, love and appreciation and most of all, understanding and respect.” He finds these traits, “all wrapped in the beauty of each land.”

Image Courtesy of Farook Singh

Incapable of naming one place as his favorite, Farook instead revels in the uniqueness of the people he meets, “That place, blessed by the people who flavor it with their culture, spirit, and love…While each place has its own beauty, it is the people who give it is true heartbeat and flavor.” Taking the time to appreciate the earth beneath his feet, bathe in the universal waters, and bond with the strangers who become friends as they cross his path, Farook explains, “I have lived through my personal experiences in every country where we have filmed, from pre-production through filming through global broadcast.” Taking the approach to being an international documentarian, where travel is life, he says, “Never do I consider it ‘work’ or a ‘vacation.’” To Farook, it is a path where, “With patience, gratitude, and genuine interest in every single one I have met, I have formed genuine friendships through understanding and mutual respect.”

He asks existing and would be global adventurers to recall the excitement they had as a child, explaining how “It can be rediscovered in everyone once you step out of your comfort zone. Travel is the best vehicle to take you back to that smile you once knew.”