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US Taxes for Entrepreneurs

There are many possible pitfalls in being an expat and an entrepreneur. One we can all relate to is how to best file U.S. Taxes when living abroad. In this part of a three part series on US Taxes and Expats, I went to an expert for some advice.  Joshua Katz is himself an entrepreneur and expat his firm Universal Tax Professionals is a boutique agency specializing in US taxes for Americans living abroad.  They promise great service at the fair price.  Please note this is not sponsored content, as I had just finished ripping out clumps of my hair trying to...

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3 Jobs in Luxury Travel

This isn't about working as a flight attendant in first class, this is flying private, staying in exclusive homes or boutique hotels, and being a tour guide, or facilitator for high and ultra high network individuals.

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10 Steps to Easy into Your New Life

You may have thought packing and informing your family of your move abroad was the hardest part but setting up a household and a “home” where you feel safe and comfortable abroad can be a daunting task. Here are 10 steps to help you once you land are setting up your new life. Get a SIM Card Hopefully, before you left home, you unlocked your smartphone—allowing it to take SIM cards from other carriers. Numerous online services can help you unlock your phone if your carrier is unwilling to provide the code. Some countries, like Cabo Verde, have started...

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Be a Paid International Volunteer

Maybe you are looking for something more than a trip to crystal clear waters or perhaps you want to give living overseas a go, working as a volunteer is a great opportunity. What I am calling volunteering may be what others call an internship or work. This type of volunteering abroad does not require a large personal investment, however, being a “paid volunteer” is for those with a clearly defined skill set. This is not about going to build a house when you’ve never swung a hammer. Having availed myself of several of these postings, I had the pleasure...

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