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Tattoos More Than a Souvenir

Do you know what a real Thai tattoo is? It’s not the one made famous by Angelina Jolie, that is a Sak Yant and it is more than body art it is a spiritual expression steeped in the Buddhist tradition.

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Beg Packers-Stop the Nonsense

Call it Millennial Hashtag Delusions born of Instagram travel porn or White Privilege I am tired of these articles about “beg-packers.” With the rise in the social media attention and articles on blogs and newspapers I have to wonder is it rally a thing on the rise or just click bait designed to create discussions?

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10 More Travelers I Met

Owing to the popularity of last week’s #mytraveltribe post and the fact I left out some key players, here ya go. Again not throwing shade, but simply not every traveler can be part of my tribe.

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Leh, Magical Ladakh!

When a friend said she had volunteered once at SECMOL a small NGO in the mountains of North India, it seemed really cool so I jumped on the opportunity to do the same. That was it, no prior research, all I knew was it would be working with kids in the mountains. They say the sky is the limit, it felt like I was flirting with that limit. I am dying to go back…soon.

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Black and American During Apartheid

Apartheid was like an ominous, ever-present stranger that seemed to lurk behind me but seldom could be seen when I spun around to look for it. But it was all too visible and intimidating whenever I had to deal with South African government officials or police. I’ll never forget my first impression, standing in the passport control lines at Jan Smuts Airport. The room was ringed with a balcony along which two cops or soldiers paced with their fingers on the triggers of their semiautomatic rifles.

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Videos on Internationality


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