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Love and Building a Business Abroad

Diana is the co-owner of Rawai Muay Thai gym in Khao Lak, Thailand. How she came to be in “the fight game” is a story best told in her own words.
She says, “I am a middle age woman who took the road less traveled. Ended up with a life I could have never imagined.”

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Uniting the World with Music

You may not recognize the name Farook Singh, but you surely have caught a glimpse of the stunning footage and infectious sounds of the Music Voyager series.

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A Global Intellectual

As a leading administrator with a top university in the Gulf, Patrick is bringing American business knowledge with a very global vision. Hailing from Maryland, Patrick spent several years, based in Europe, including earning an MBA in Italy before coming to the Middle East to help upgrade business education.

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Bahia: A Love Affair

A methodical planner, Dave explains, “Because of my love for traveling, I made a conscious choice to freelance on a per project basis rather that work full-time.” This afforded him the opportunity to end of most assignments with a trip, and I don’t mean seven days and six nights, “I would take off for 3 months out of every year, depending on the state of the economy of the United States.”

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Videos on Internationality


Jose Luis Cardona (Graphic Designer): Transits through the thoughts of communities, cultural manifestations and productive practices, incorporating graphic design as a participatory element and a tool for community strengthening.