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Cut Cost Try House Sitting

You can reduce the cost of that round the world trip by picking up some house sitting gigs along the way. It’s another adventure, a chance to stay in a place you could never afford, save some money, and experience actually living in another place. If you are just moving to a new city, taking a three week house sitting job can give you the time you need to leisurely look for an apartment while not racking up costly hotel bills. Whatever your motivation, here is your house sitting 101 course.

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Enjoying the Invisibility #TWB 2

Yesterday, I began writing about my experiences of traveling while black. After recounting my the ten or so issues I’ve had in twenty-five plus years of traveling alone or with friends I thought I would share why I love being melanated and on the road. It gives me a type of blendability in many locations, allowing me to observe my surroundings in peace. The way I see it, as a black traveler you can stick out like a stereotypical German tourist with socks and sandals, or you take advantage of your color and get a glimpse inside.

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My Best Travel Buddy

Expat women face issues finding their preferred feminine hygiene products. I was so attached to my brand, I would buy four Costco boxes of tampons every time I landed in the States until I discovered WonderCup.

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Black Like Me #TWB

In this new black travel world, of particular interest to me are the articles and fears of black North Americans about traveling while black. Having been black my whole life and clocking my first international trip at two months, I must confess I don’t get the worry or the issues. Knowing black people who lived in Japan, South Korea, and China they speak of the most overt racism, fetishization, and unwanted touching. Meanwhile, since I tend to stay between Belize and UAE I have very little to report in terms of racially related discrimination. The few instances I have were mostly encountered from other people I considered, black like me.

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What About My Hair

It’s easy to stock your suitcase with Mixed Chicks, Carol’s Daughter and Miss Jessie’s for a week long vacation but what do you do when you live in a place like Thailand or Croatia?

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Life Day Spa

A treat for you senses in Fourways, you can easily loose the whole day at Life Day Spa. Sart with a Swiss Shower, then a hot stone massage, take a dip in the heated pool, move onto a facial, and finish with a pedicure complete with sparkling wine.

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Le Tekoma

Le Tekoma is a boutique hotel on the island of Rodrigues.  I had the pleasure of spending my...

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Bahia: A Love Affair

A methodical planner, Dave explains, “Because of my love for traveling, I made a conscious choice to freelance on a per project basis rather that work full-time.” This afforded him the opportunity to end of most assignments with a trip, and I don’t mean seven days and six nights, “I would take off for 3 months out of every year, depending on the state of the economy of the United States.”

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Black in West Asia

While not the typically advertised face of Arabia, there are significant numbers of people of African descent who are also fully Arab. It is hard to trace the exact number because unlike the transatlantic slave trade, the West Asian slave trade primarily targeted women who served as domestics, wet nurses, and sex-slaves. One former teacher recounts in her blog Live Travel More, “In Abu Dhabi…the grocery store in my building sells fresh collard greens, Jiffy cornbread mix, and Just for Me relaxer box sets.” The UAE is known for its ladies nights, if you look at your apps it is possible to go out any night of the week be given free drinks just for showing up.

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Videos on Internationality


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