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10 More Travelers I Met

Owing to the popularity of last week's #mytraveltribe post and the fact I left out some key players, here ya go. Again not throwing shade, but simply not every traveler can be part of my tribe.



US Taxes for Expat Freelancers

Rounding out our taxes for US expats series with expert Joshua Katz, I decided to ask him about freelancers. Yes, I am talking about you travel bloggers and digital nomads—you too, need to file taxes. Maybe you have it all under control but if not I recommend taking a visit to Universal Tax Professionals. It is the firm started by Joshua and they promise not to laugh at your account keeping but to help you file correctly and maybe just put something in the right kind of retirement or savings account. Thank you for your time and expertise Joshua and I am sure we will be hearing more from you. The comments section is open and Joshua is on Facebook. You can @mention him in the comments or email him directly from the link on his website.

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How to “Treat Yo Self” on a budget in Dubai

Pampering in Dubai is a way of life. With service providers like Groupon, Cobone and Allthedeals vying for your attention, you can be getting dolled up for a fraction of the price of in the US or UK. The thing about Dubai beauty deals in that they are usually in packages. So if you get only a mani-pedi here, (about 100 AED or approx. $25 USD), your average spend is in line with US rates. Things only start getting a little kooky when you open your groupon and see the packages: Mani-pedi, facial, massage, blow dry, eyebrows and eyelashes for 250 AED or approx. $65 USD. Noted , the equivalent beauty day would easily run about $300 USD at home. And this is how....we get super spoiled and also start looking a bit cuter than the "pre-Dubai" era!

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