Are you a social justice activist, a community organizer, a human rights advocate, passionate about using your skills for change?  Change expands outwards locally but also is connected to trends and movements globally. Building a global network of other activists is thus a powerful tool for learning, coalition-building and driving progress, from the legislative to economic terrain.

That’s why we’re excited to share this opportunity to join Activist Ashram, a space for activists looking for global community and solidarity.

In its second year, the Activist Ashram will continue to bring together organisers, educators, writers and artists, primarily based in the global South, to examine how various struggles are connected as part of a global system of oppression. Solidarity is built through the sharing of stories and experience, analysis, wisdom, friendship and organising tactics.

The Ashram will suit you if you already have strong community ties, and are passionate about using an anti-colonial lens to create alternatives to neoliberal capitalism, focusing on shifting global inequalities and oppressive systems from the ground up.

As a reminder, the Ashram will involve two in-person convenings – the first in Athens, Greece from 14 to 21 July, 2017 (expenses covered and visa support provided); monthly online forums; opportunities to harness collective resources, networks and skills; a co-created de-schooling programme and a modest monetary award for one year to support continued on-the-ground organising.

Full details can be found on The Rules website:

The deadline is April 10th- so click here to apply now.