Pampering in Dubai is a way of life.

With service providers like Groupon, Cobone and Allthedeals vying for your attention, you can be getting dolled up for a fraction of the price of in the US or UK.

The thing about Dubai beauty deals in that they are usually in packages.  So if you get only a mani-pedi here, (about 100 AED or approx. $25 USD), your average spend is in line with US rates.  Things only start getting a little kooky when you open your groupon and see the packages: Mani-pedi, facial, massage, blow dry, eyebrows and eyelashes for 250 AED or approx. $65 USD.  Noted , the equivalent beauty day would easily run about $300 USD at home.

And this is how….we get super spoiled and also start looking a bit cuter than the “pre-Dubai” era!


That said, here are some options for visitors and locals who like a little pampering, all with amazing package deals:

Majesty Beauty Salon:  This place has consistently ample packages (i.e. 3/6/9 services for under 300 AED or $70 USD).  You can spend a delightful day here for 50 bucks and be consistently satisfied.  Not knock-your-socks-off but consistently pleased and feeling pampered with a full wallet after a day of pampering.  I recommend the massage with Rio.

Award for: Most Reliable

Caryusa Ladies:  To have that Moroccan bath that makes you feel like a newborn, go here.  First the Moroccan bath with the lovely Egyptian lady thats making you laugh the whole time.  Then a bubble bath full of flowers.  Then a massage with argan oil.  Only issue is that the Moroccan bath needs more steam in the chamber.  Usually have a deal for under 150 AED for Moroccan bath

Award for: Classic Dubai

Baravia Beauty Centre-  This place keeps changing its name so must be having ownership problems.  Anyway, they always run ridiculously cheap specials like 9 services for 189 AED or 50 USD.  And the blow drying, facials and massage here are alllll good quality.  But you know how they say you can either get good, fast or cheap so pick 2?  You will usually have to wait or have your appointment shifted a gazillion times to enjoy the good quality services.  They used to have peacocks and adorable fluffy white cats on the grounds

Award for: Best Deals

Renaissance Beauty Salon:   Tiny salon on SKZ road.  Runs Package deals on waxing and occasionally lashes. Package price is phenomenal and hours are great! Such a convenient option open 7 days a week. Massage was exceptional and waxing was quick & easy. Only reason it does not get 5 stars is because1) last time I had to wait for mani-pedi because manicurist was giving mani-pedi to one of the other staff technicians lol- quite unprofessional! 2) decor is not as polished as other salons in the area. Massage/chocolate wrap ($25 USD -ahmazing) was still great

Award for: Best Neighborhood Spot

Real Touch:  A fellow American hipped me to this spot.  I was a bit wary when I had to walk through the strip mall next door just to use the bathroom, especially because the facilities were wayyyyyyy less sparkly than any other place I’ve seen in Dubai.  They were a bit dingy and we actually had to change in what looked like a closet.  That said, my massage was out of this world.  Literally I still dream of it when I go to other spas lol.  And I paid about $18 USD for 3 hours that included moroccan bath, foot spa, facial scrub, massage and blow dry

Award for: Best Diamond in the Rough

Re Salon:  A few months ago, I got a call for 500 AED (approx $135)  unlimited beauty treatments.  Long story short, I thought it was fake but it turned out to be my dream coming true and also coincided with my Eid vacations.  So for a little while, my best friend and I rode that gravy train and had daily massages, weekly facials, keratin treatments, biweekly gel manicures.  All of which were excellent.  Especially the massages and blow dry.  Unfortunately, all good things eventually come to an end and that package is now 1000 AED.  But if you know someone who is a corporate CEO or trophy wife with that kind of beauty budget, they will not be disappointed.  Also, they do online appointment so you can schedule via phone and never have to wait.  And all their staff are adorable and super sweet.

Award for: Best Choice for High-Maintenance Chicks

Lolita Ladies:  This place has good massages, scrubs and facials.  Usually at accessible prices on groupon on through the coupons they send via SMS.  Not astoundingly fantastic but undeniably good.  What makes it better is their gorgeous villa with the pool so you can relax with tea before or after your treatment

Award for: Cutest Villa on a Budget