After seeing their glittering landscapes everwhere from Mamma Mia to Travel Noire, its no wonder many of have ventured or are venturing to the Greek Isles. While the isles are a treat in their own right, take advantage of a quick local trip to the Athenian Riviera, if using Athens as your international airport.

Not only is the Athenian Riviera stunning in its own rights, it boasts a secret little oasis in Lake Vouliagmeni. The lake is nestled between mountains and pulls from mineral spring. The mineral springs are said to have healing powers for everything from arthiritis to eczema. Not only that, but the Lake has a self-contained spa and restaurant overlooking the water. Finally, the lake’s waters are full of “doctor fish”, a species known as “Garra Ruffa”- this is the famous pedicure fish which lives off dead skin. It’s a bit of a funny sensation to feel the tingle of their nibbles whenever you stand still in the water- but its also like getting a free fish pedicure, without going to the salon!

The lake’s verdant setting alongside rippling mountains invokes all t mysterious lore of ancient Olympian gods, mermaids and forest nymphs. It feels like you are tapping into a wellspring of magic and you will leave feeling completely rejuvenated.

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