Launching a startup is the adventure of a lifetime.  Whether you kick off in the USA, UK or Macau, entrepreneurship is the most fun and most terrifying challenge one could embark upon (besides parenthood, perhaps?).

For those that like even more excitement, launching a business in a foreign country adds an element of complexity and cultural immersion, as well as opportunity to create niches in new markets.  And of course, many emerging market have a need for talented entrepreneurs to bring enterprises and create jobs in their country.  Perhaps the most savvy of these is Chile, which launched StartUp Chile to attract new ventures and talent to it’s small South American economy.

StartUp Chile provides a visa, support network and funding to high-potential  startups willing to launch and be based there.  So you get to live in Chile and get help with your business- such a double win.  The amazing, ridiculously cheap Chilean wine is something you will need after launching your first startup in any case.

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