The Lamentin Jazz Project takes place in Martinique, “a little bit of France in the Caribbean.” While the island exudes an alluring and distinctly French sensibility it boasts its own flavor with rum, fine resorts, fashion and art scene. With the new affordable and direct flights on Norwegian  the island is more accessible than ever for weekend getaways. The upcoming 16th edition of the Lamentin Jazz Project, renews the project’s promise to offer musicians and the public a space to express Martinique’s  artistic and cultural creativity. Last year’s festival a showcased a  musical “matoutou” of an extraordinary succulence with a learned mixture of all world sounds.

Owing to its dynamic nature, the quality of the programming and its roots in the community, this cultural project has seen a boost in both the economy and local tourism.  The Lamentin Jazz Project is a crossroads local and cultural development for all. Numerous  meetings, creations, emotions and work born by the uniting of local and international flavors give this speacil event it’s identity and authenticity which evolves from year to year.

May 2017
Concert Tickets : 20 €
Festival Pass : 30 € for 2 concerts.


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