The first step to volunteer abroad with the UN is to determine whether you meet the minimum requirements (see below). If this is the case, register your profile in our Global Talent Pool. Profiles from the Talent Pool are then matched with assignments offered by UN partner agencies. Approximately 2,000 assignments become available per year. Most assignments are filled through the Global Talent Pool without being advertised.

Profiles in high demand include technical specialists (IT, engineering, logistics, transport), legal and medical professionals, political scientists, public information officers, administration and finance experts and professionals with experience in development, management, humanitarian affairs and peacekeeping.
While international UN Volunteers hail from all professions and levels of experience, the areas of expertise that tend to be in highest demand are found in the table above.

It is worth noting that in most cases fluency in English is required for international UN Volunteers. Additionally, depending on the country of assignment, international UN Volunteers may be required to speak other languages, such as Arabic, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, etc.

Currently of particular interest

  • Development and project management: Community development, environment, programme and project development, project management, monitoring and evaluation
  • Legal affairs: human rights, protection, resettlement, reintegration, repatriation, refugee status determination, child protection
  • Political science: civil affairs, political affairs
  • Public information: reporting and external relations
  • Engineering: civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, etc.
  • Health: general medicine, public health and clinical experience in HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, epidemiology, clinical psychology and counselling