The Tandana Foundation is seeking a Fellow to help prepare, lead, and follow-up after our group volunteer programs in the Otavalo canton of highland Ecuador, a region that is rich in natural beauty and cultural diversity. 

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The minimum time commitment for this fellowship is one year.  In this fellowship, your main responsibilities will involve working with communities to prepare for the visits of volunteer groups, coordinating the stays of the volunteer groups, and following up afterwards to ensure that projects are completed and volunteers are informed of the results of their efforts. You will serve as an Assistant Coordinator or Community Coordinator for all scheduled programs during your time in Ecuador, gaining experience with a variety of volunteer groups and work projects. During group programs, the schedule is intense, and you will need to be prepared to work hard, focusing on the tasks at hand. In between programs, you will make arrangements with community partners and service providers, meet with community leaders for evaluation, and do other preparatory and follow up work, and you may also take on additional projects based on your interests. Finally, you will serve as a cultural ambassador and a positive representative of The Tandana Foundation. You will be given all the support you need to succeed in your work and be encouraged to accomplish your personal fellowship goals, which will provide you with valuable skills and experience in volunteer program leadership. And by living with a host family, you will have countless opportunities to explore the indigenous cultures and subsistence lifestyles of highland Ecuador as well as the natural environment around you.

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