Looking to experience something new in 2017? Why not try teaching one-on-one English to motivate learners in Japan. Gaba Corporation is the leading one-to-one English language school in Japan, with 44 locations spread across the major cities. Their clients are adults with varying goals and interests, and there is a large focus on development for Instructors in the form of different workshops and mentorship.  Upon completing Gaba’s Initial Certification program, instructors begin teaching. All Instructors start at the competitive rate of 1500 yen per 40-minute lesson taught. Each instructor designs his or her own schedule, monthly earnings will vary from person to person. A motivated instructor’s income can reach over  US$2,700 per month.


Apply for Gaba

Successful applicants will have:

  • Solid people skills
  • A good command of the English language
  • The ability to work independently
  • A desire to live and work in Japan
  • TEFL/ TESOL certification or ESL experience preferred

Available Start Dates in KantoKansaiChubu, and Kyushu
For applicants requiring Visa sponsorship with Gaba  — July, August  2017
For applicants with a valid working Visa (Gaba sponsorship not required) — June, July, August 2017