Advocate for girls self confidence by spending three month in London working with the Girl Effect Mobile a digital platform linking girls in 61 countries and 26 languages together. 

Girl Effect Mobile connects girls to inspiring content. Developed in partnership with Facebook’s Free Basics initiative, Girl Effect Mobile provides a platform that connects girls to vital information, entertaining content and to each other. By increasing girls’ basic knowledge about health, education, financial security and safety, and enabling them to share stories and communicate with experts and mentors, Girl Effect Mobile is helping build their self-confidence and ability to overcome cultural barriers.

Girl Effect London is seeking a consultant to dive into our database, exploring existing data for 70+ sites and pointing out trends and user behavior patterns in order to establish a data framework to guide business decisions for the Girl Effect Mobile product. The role of the consultant will include identifying gaps and tools, establishing data protocols, and establishing optimal ways to present data for uptake and immediate use.

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Deadline: March 31, 2017