Yes, we’ve heard it before that soon all translation and interpretation will be automated on skype.

Call us old school but there are some things, sweet nothing to a loved one or confidential business details in a tense deal, best communicated between two people, speaking face to face, eye to eye, in the same language.

For those who agree, there’s so many new tools to keep improving your linguistic flow, which will be reviewed and shared here.

One of these is Duolingo.

Upside:  Its totally free!

It has modular “bite-size” lessons built into tiny “games”, which repeat so the words get drilled into your head through repetition.


It’s perfect for getting basic vocabulary before a vacation.  But probably won’t bring you to the point of conducting power point presentations in Italian.

Its got over a dozen languages including: English, German, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Swedish