The average American spends about $1,145 each year on vacation.
This same American only takes an average of 8 vacation days
Could it be time and money limiting our ability to see the world?
What if you could travel and not spend a dime?

What if you travel and get paid?

This is no pipe dream.

Here is a list of 10 fascinatingly Instagrammable destinations presented in the Internationality way. Our way is where you travel as a globalcreator not a tourist and find organizations paying you while you upload your daily #travelgram.

South Africa

This rainbow nation is home to Table Mountain, Soweto, Stellenbosch and some of Africa’s best safaris. The buzzing tourism sector bodes well for short-term opportunities to guide adventure tours.   It’s also a hub for NGOs so you can consider contracts, like this one doing social media for social impact. Or if you’re a dyed-in-the-wool African industrialist, pick up this funding opportunity to incubate a new venture with an eye to the continent.



America’s colonial forefather, the UK brims with historical treasures. But, modern London is a cosmopolitan hub linking all of Europe and the Commonwealth. There are short and long-term opportunities in all manner of fields, from the culinary arts to roles with digital media companies like Refinery 29. There is even a current opportunity to do social media for a travel company, which means plenty of paid trips to the visit the rest of Europe.



We all love Giza, Cairo, sailing down the Nile, and beaching it up at Sharm al Shaikh. But, did you know you can also be paid to travel to Egypt and make a difference at the same time? Take this example, spend 2-3 weeks helping agribusinesses get financing, which incidentally, to me, sounds quite fun!


Easily the most romantic country in Europe, Italy offers everything from renowned gastronomy to wine, from history to art and luxury—all steeped in Italiano bravado and panache! Dive right into the scene, with this travel grant to create art. Or maybe a retreat in the hills of Tuscany, with free room and board at an agricultural estate is more your speed.


Central America’s largest country is also its hottest up-and-coming tourist destination. With a combination of colonial splendor, Caribbean beaches, and volcanic landscapes there is plenty to do. You don’t have to go with a tour group to explore this nearby country.  An organization is looking for a paid volunteer to teach videography, while another seeks someone to provide business expertise to cooperatives. As a volunteer, your travel, accommodation, and transportation will be covered by the host organization.


The land of smiles is currently the global tourism hub, with more travelers visiting Bangkok than any other capital city. You could be paid to live in Bangkok, where you would work in the private sector applying business forensics to prevent fraud. Or you could do short-term stints in beachfront cities like Phuket, helping to fight deforestation with an NGO.


One of the world’s fastest growing hubs, Dubai is full of superlatives —the world’s tallest building, largest mall, largest spa, and only 7-star hotel.  It’s also one of the best cities in the world to live and is brimming with lucrative short and long-term tax-free options. These vacancies for teachers, real estate agents and those with a finance background will be pleased to learn the offered salaries exceed those on would find in the US, but require a year or more commitment.



The heady combination of tango, wine, steak and history in South America’s most European capital is truly an intoxicating brew. And yes, you can be paid to travel there too. How about leading an IT team? You don’t even have to speak Spanish!


You can fly 24+ hours to spend a week in the land down under, with its stunning landscapes, kangaroos, and vineyards. Or you can get a 12-month work/holiday visa to finance your year of exploring from the Outback to the Great Barrier Reef.


The land of the Taj Mahal, the Great Ganges, the Kerala Backwaters, and butter chicken of course, deserves years of exploration in its own right. But instead of a quick tour, you could also be paid to spend a year supporting social enterprises or 10 months improving sustainability with local civil society.

The site’s co-creator and I found opportunities to finance our adventures living in these countries and many, many more. For this reason, we started the globalcreating community and are featuring jobs, scholarships, fellowships and more in a variety of sectors. Our listings are for everyone,  people with high school diplomas to postdocs. Globalcreators come from all walks of life but do share a common trait—wanderlust. Join our online community and stop paying to travel, instead get paid to explore new cultures and lands—visit Internationality frequently or sign up for our newsletter. We update listings daily.