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Teach Abroad from Two Week to Six Months

Teach Abroad from Two Week to Six Months

As the importance of English in global business rises so too is the demand for qualified English teachers. What you may not know is that not all international English teaching assignments are long-term. There are numerous opportunities to teach for a little as two weeks or for as long as an academic year in countries throughout the world.

Some positions will require you to have a TEFL certification. For this we recommend you look at the advice offered by the experts at ESL Expat. English teachers will often have their full travel expensive covered, posts include accommodation, and offer some salary or stipend.

In addition to these listing, we recommend periodically checking:



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During my educational and professional career, I have lived on five continents; honed my professional communications skills in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese; and learned the importance of cultural considerations in the development of communications materials.

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