Do you like gambling?  Every time you travel overseas without insurance, you are basically gambling on your luck- luck that you won’t get Delhi Belly, luck that you won’t slip and fall, luck that you won’t be in an accident.  In most cases, luck is on our side.

But if you don’t feel comfortable with the odds, and especially if you will be overseas for a more extended period, the best bet is to ensure you are covered.

Some people have global health insurance (usually covered by an employer).  For the rest of us, just wanted to give a heads up that there are short-term and flexible international health insurance options available.  For the past decade, I’ve been working abroad, often on short-term contracts, from Angola to Brazil to Peru to Tanzania to South Africa to UAE.  When working as an independent consultant, I used a company called MedEx, which has now been renamed United Health Care Global.

For any digital nomads or short-term volunteers, especially in insecure and/or malaria-prone regions, it’s such a good back-up plan.  Plans can be purchased for short blocks, i.e. 2 week or for several months, and can cover just 1 country or multiple countries within 1 billing period.  Thankfully, luck was on my side and I never had to actually use the service and pay the deductible (mine was $100 for my selected countries).  But I used the service off and on for years because the prices made it a no-brainer.  $50-80 USD for peace of mind? SOLD!

Feel free to comment on any other providers you may have used in your travels but just wanted to share this tip to help keep our community a bit safer and healthier.

If interested, here is a link to United Health Care Global.