Owing to the popularity of last week’s Travel Tribe post and the fact I left out some key players, here ya go. For those who got upset, chill out and remember this list when you bump into them.  And yes, I have dated some (ok all) of these men in the past. What can I say, I’ve been a globalcreator since 1995.

The ESL Teacher
(AKA Professor Panya)

Often found living in sub-par South Korean housing with more than a few roommates, she just graduated from college and didn’t really know what she wanted to do with herself so she moved abroad. Often, her excitement and wonder spills out in 140 characters or less.

Advice: Take her under your wing since upon a time you were most likely her once.

The Military Guy
(AKA Manly Mark)

You can catch him in the evening at the sports bar playing pool and tossing back a beer with a whiskey back or on vacation in Thailand practicing MMA and Muay Thai. From the young marines at every US embassy to the well-paid PMCs securing oil execs this super fit casing of testosterone and Americana is everywhere.

Advice: Get him to take you to the marine ball but don’t be silly and try to out drink him.

The Entrepreneur
(AKA Artsy Ayana)

Incapable of working a 9-5 job, she stays social. Wherever she lands, she gets to work acquiring clients and gigs from people she meets at the bar, at immigration, or online. She’s a filmmaker, graphic designer, and certified yoga instructor who decided long ago life was better abroad.

Advice:  Hangout with her at a cafe or catch up on the set of her latest film shoot you never know who you’ll meet.

The Continental Commuter
(AKA First-Class Frank)

His company keeps him on the road 2-3 weeks each month. Bouncing from Berlin to Johannesburg and back to his base in Doha, he racks up the hotel points, frequent flyer miles, and women. The perfect dinner companion since it’s all expensed, you meet him in the hottest new restaurant and make plans to catch up when he is next in town.

Advice: Watch out he is quite possibly hiding a wife and some kids.

The Adrenaline Addict
(AKA Zipline Zarah)

An aspiring or former Amazing Race contestant, she has traveled the world looking for extreme adventure from the jungle to the desert. If you look at her Facebook wall it is filled with photos of cliff-side hotels, Amazon adventures, and human hang gliding videos.

Advice: Get ready to eat some fried grasshoppers when you make it back to the base of Kilimanjaro.

The Voyaging Viking 
(AKA Global Greta)

That exploring spirit must be in the frigid Scandinavian waters or aquavit. You find them in Africa as NGO workers, backpackers in South America, executives in the Gulf, or just hanging out in Asia. Super liberal and often full of adventure tales, take a moment to say hi to Johan, Ulrika, Gustav, or Elsa.

Advice:  When you raise a glass, don’t forget to look them in the eye.

Destination Diver
(AKA Submerged Serge )

Sharks? What kind? He has swam with all of them and it is literally all he can talk about when on land. His passport is overloaded with stamps from the Sudan to French Polynesia. Serge is diving deep into exotic waters to in search of his latest must sea creature.

Advice:  Don’t go on vacation anywhere near water with him unless you are ready for a treatise on side valves .

The Bon Vivant
(AKA Fabulous Floriana )

She knows how good she has it overseas and is not trying to go back, ever. When you do see her Stateside she surrounded by people listening to her tales of partying with princes and weekends on yachts. Unable to live without her house help and brunch she enjoys the sweet expat life.

Advice:  Ask her where to club in Cape Town, brunch in Buenos Aries, or spa in the Seychelles.

The Reinventor
(AKA Phony Phill)

From high school dropout to an ivy league grad in just two new line on his CV, he is now in charge of a department at the leading local university. Who hasn’t felt like changing their story? He actually did, moving across oceans he took the opportunity to create a whole new past and a brighter future.

Advice:  Don’t dig too deep so when immigration asks you about him you can tell the truth.



The Shady One
(AKA Evasive Eric)

He won’t tell you what his job is, think Tommy on Martin but worse. He’s not from there, but this is guy knows randomly equal shady locals. He periodically disappears for days or weeks at a time. He’s always got a deal for you to buy diamonds or urea from a war-torn African country.

Advice:  Don’t work with him, but if you do make sure you are paid upfront and not with a traceable wire transfer.

Am I missing some other common players?

Who is in your #traveltribe?

Did you see yourself?