Name: Sabre

Profession: Strategist/ Entrepreneur

Hometown: Philadelphia/ Baltimore

Cities Lived In: Havana, New York, Atlanta, Amman, Rio, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Lima, Baltimore & DC, Pretoria, Dubai, London

Current City: Dubai/ London


See…. I started traveling internationally back in 1988- visiting extended family in Jamaica.  And in 1996 I did my first community project, started learning Spanish in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Since then…. I ended up studying abroad in Havana, Cuba, Santiago, Dominican Republic and Paris, France, before going on to do my MBA in the United Kingdom.  I made films and conducted research in Brazil, Venezuela and Argentina, and also went on to work in Brazil, Jordan, Peru, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman,  South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Mozambique , Angola and UK.  Guess I been to about 50 countries just by happenstance but what matters most is the countries where I’ve actually globalcreated.

What is globalcreating?

Globalcreating is the opposite of vacationing.  Its about the day to day engagement, immersion and impact that comes from commiting to work towards producing, not just consuming in foreign lands.

My globalcreating has ranged from economic development work to social impact to corporate, some of which is detailed in the super sweet video a nice lady  named Akilahbdid on me, but the one major takeaway is that globalcreating has given me about a million times more back than any vacation ever could:

  • Being able to learn so much about these cultures by living within them by being inside them and making local friends, not just dropping in for a week
  • Being able to learn Spanish, French, Portuguese (and a bit of Arabic)
  • Being able to build a global business network, a tremendous asset for any entrepreneur
  • Learning my own resilience and courage to navigate alone internationally and navigate across cultures
  • Not blowing my savings on expensive trips (even though my earnings were not always high in some of these previous roles)


As the world evolves, a global outlook is more important than ever, which is why its so important for us to share and learn from each other.