Name: Boipelo

Profession: Singer/ Songwriter

Hometown: Johannesburg

Cities Lived In: Joburg, Mahikeng, Pretoria, London, Dubai

Current City: Dubai

In 2013, I was on vacation in Dubai and decided to start looking for a job.  I enjoyed the experience of being out of my comfort zone.  Having new experiences and a new perspective, being in a different corner of the world just changed my view.  I stuck around to find a job but wasn’t successful so went home. Then in 2014, we decided to start a company in Dubai so I relocated, and have been here ever since!

A big part of being in Dubai was just seeing the locals being proud of their country, being looked after by their government and being valued- it was heartwarming to see local people, in their own land, living so well.  It opened my mind to the fact the all over the world people have systems of governance that shape how well they live.  To know that there are other possibilities besides the framework I’d grown up with.  Everywhere you go, you’ll find a different perspective and application- there are so many solutions to the problems we all have.  Global experience provides the meeting place for that all to occur.

One of my favorite experiences as Dubaian has been getting to know the Islamic culture, like being in Hattab…. on Eid…. seeing the traditional Arabic dancing….where the men were dancing with sticks and imitating camels.  Understanding more about Muslim culture- you think its really rigid on a superficial level.  But there’s so many traditional dances, and the movement and rhythm- they reminds me so much of our traditional dances in South Africa.

My advice to anyone who want to live globally is to just get out there.  And to see yourself in each and every person.  If you see someone who’s done it, then you can do it as well.  Be courage, be bold and don’t give up on pursuing your dreams of being a global citizen- its very possible and closer than you think!