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Make The World Your Lab

This week, the Mozilla Science Lab is launching our third annual Mozilla Fellowship for Science program. They’re looking for researchers with a passion for open source and data sharing, already working to shift research practice to be more collaborative, iterative and open. Deadline:  14 May  2017 Open to: applicants from all over the world Fellowship: a stipend of $60,000, health insurance, childcare allotment, allowance and domestic and international trips The Mozilla Fellowship for Science is an opportunity to spend 10 months working with an institution (university or other academic affiliation) building open science projects that leverage the open web. If you are interested in open science,...

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Data Diving in Tanzania

Seeking an expert to Maintain and train staff on a database management system capable of collecting and analyzing the data for a 45-day assignment in Tanzania.    Tasks Design and develop a database management system to input, validate, analyze, segment, score, rank, update and present LGACI performance data (in accordance with the LGA Competitive Index framework and questionnaire) submitted annually by LGAs in Tanzania to the Association of Local Authorities of Tanzania (ALAT) and in Zanzibar to the Association of Local Authorities in Zanzibar (ALAZ). Design data entry forms and requests to support the implementation of the LGACI. Incorporate necessary process...

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Videos on Internationality


Jose Luis Cardona (Graphic Designer): Transits through the thoughts of communities, cultural manifestations and productive practices, incorporating graphic design as a participatory element and a tool for community strengthening.

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