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Going with the Flo

Gaining what she refers to as an inspired life, Florence feels every new experience is a chance to expand her story. She founded a program, Flirt with the World, to increase female condom usage while opening the conversation about safer sexual behavior. A champion for women’s health, she also assisted the Kenyan based WonderCup in bringing affordable menstrual cups to local girls. Currently working on a film project about mining in West Africa and a USAID funded local language numeracy education program, her globalcreations allow her to contribute to the universal narrative through first person insights into the ways lives are lived in other lands.

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Reflections of a Nascent Globalcreator

Changing from the normal Internationality Spotlights, I offer you the reflections of a nascent globalcreator. Sean represents many of people with whom we are trying to connect. Those who have been bit by the travel bug but desire more than a simple vacation. An engineer in his late twenties whose work takes him to India, Sean piggybacks his vacation days on to these trips half-way around the world to enjoy greater periods of time in far off destinations.

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Undken – One Day

Originally from Washington, DC, Kenny landed in Addis Ababa in December 2006 for a 6-month artist in residency program. He was so well received at local audiences he decided to stay. The decision to relocate overseas would see his career develop in a way which dwarfed the five previous years accomplishments. In Addis he found his life’s rhythm, “I discovered many more creative passions in a place where my experiences were accepted uniquely and I decided to continue my journey thereafter establishing a solid name for myself in the music and entertainment industry.”

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Lindsey the Fighter

She encourages other would be globalcreators to, “Always be grateful and open-minded.” It’s hard to imagine the sheer number of the local cuisines, traditions, festivals, and languages she learned to navigate as a Westerner fully submerged in Thai culture. With co-workers who often spoke limited English she took the opportunity to learn Thai—not an easy feat.

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Boipelo- South Africa via Dubai

In 2013, I was on vacation in Dubai and decided to start looking for a job. I enjoyed the experience of being out of my comfort zone. Having new experiences and a new perspective, being in a different corner of the world just changed my view. I stuck around to find a job but wasn’t successful so went home. Then in 2014, we decided to start a company in Dubai so I relocated, and have been here ever since!

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Expat Me

As open racial prejudice finds a home within the rhetoric of politicians from across the country and rekindles feelings of separation and segregation, I find people who normally wouldn’t consider living abroad asking me for advice. You don’t have to be a policy wonk or an academic scholar to notice the tide in America has shifted. Whether you want to talk about the abysmal dating scene for educated women of color in major metropolitan areas, the difficulty in finding a job that does not suck your soul out bit-by-bit every time you walk into the cubicle farm, the disregard for the lives of young black men, or the current president’s band of alternative fact peddling alt-right advocates (I mean advisers)—I am certainly not a believer in America as the greatest country in the world.

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My globalcreating journey!

Name: Sabre

Profession: Strategist/ Entrepreneur

Hometown: Philadelphia/ Baltimore

Cities Lived In: Havana, New York, Atlanta, Amman, Rio, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Lima, Baltimore & DC, Pretoria, Dubai, London

Current City: Dubai/ London

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