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NGOs, Resumes and English

Nonprofit or NGOs as the rest of the world refers to them, are always seeking specialists and interns. Considering you are tax-exempt up to a certain income, your housing and transport do not come out of your salary, and you may even have a per diem, an NGO job can be a great opportunity to save money while exploring a new location.
Would you ever think to put you age on your resume? Well, in many parts of the world your CV features not just you age but also your gender, marital status, number of dependents, religion, and nationality. Viewed through an American lens where there is the Equality Opportunity Employment Act, these disclosures seem untenable.

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Your Education and Moving Abroad

Much like in the United States, the more education you have the better your employment opportunities. However, that is not to say a high school diploma is not enough. Here is a quick breakdown of common types of overseas opportunities available at different educational levels.

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Expat Me

As open racial prejudice finds a home within the rhetoric of politicians from across the country and rekindles feelings of separation and segregation, I find people who normally wouldn’t consider living abroad asking me for advice. You don’t have to be a policy wonk or an academic scholar to notice the tide in America has shifted. Whether you want to talk about the abysmal dating scene for educated women of color in major metropolitan areas, the difficulty in finding a job that does not suck your soul out bit-by-bit every time you walk into the cubicle farm, the disregard for the lives of young black men, or the current president’s band of alternative fact peddling alt-right advocates (I mean advisers)—I am certainly not a believer in America as the greatest country in the world.

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Videos on Internationality


Jose Luis Cardona (Graphic Designer): Transits through the thoughts of communities, cultural manifestations and productive practices, incorporating graphic design as a participatory element and a tool for community strengthening.