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We are dedicated to offering an alternative to expensive vacations that many people can’t afford. Our curated lists of study abroad opportunities, fellowships, internships, volunteer placements, short term contracts, and permanent placements overseas are global creating way to travel.

Kenya Welcomes a Taste of Afro-Brazilian Culture—Capoeira Angola Festival

Since the early 90s interest in the Afro-Brazilian martial art, Capoeira Angola grew worldwide prompting many Brazilian instructors, Mestres, to move to North America and Europe to shepherd the growth and to maintain its authenticity which includes the history of enslaved Africans, religious practices, and peaceful conflict resolution through movement. In 2015, Contra-Mestre Salim Rollins founded Capoeira Angola Center Kenya (CACK) with the vision of reconnecting Grand Mestre João Grande with Africa and expanding opportunities for at risk youth to learn the martial art. CACK and Internationality, a company which encourages young people of color to travel beyond tourism,...

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Who is Considered Black in Brazil?

In Brazil, a national mandate to give more jobs to Black people has led to commissions of judges who look at you and decide if your skin is dark enough — your hair curly enough — to qualify. And this is a system set up to make Brazil less racist! Spending time with Brazilians, though, I learned that this is shocking for an entirely different reason than I would have expected. For Affirmative Action, Brazil Sets Up Controversial Boards To Determine Race September 29, 2016 Heard on Morning Edition LULU GARCIA-NAVARRO When the test scores came out, Lucas Siqueira, 27,...

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Program Associate in East Africa

One Acre Fund is growing quickly, and we plan to at least quadruple our farmer impact in the next five years. Program Associates play a major role in driving that growth and ensuring that this growth is stable and systematic – while also adding major innovations and improvements to our program quality. This offers Program Associates a strong career opportunity: the ability to learn from a successful field operation, contribute to aggressive growth, and also make improvements to our program. Job Location Kakamega, Kenya; Rubengera, Rwanda; Muramvya, Burundi; Iringa, Tanzania; Zomba, Malawi; Kabwe, Zambia Duration Minimum 2-year commitment, full-time job...

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Technology Consultant in Nairobi

Living Goods is entering a phase of rapid scaling with ambitions to expand our model to reach all people that need affordable, effective, impactful community health. Technology has become more and more embedded within our day to day operations, and we see it playing a fundamental role in our, and our partners ability to meet our long-term objective of creating systemic change in community health at a national and international level. Landscape analysis methodology to include interviews of system developers, users, governments etc. to reflect the full capacity/ potential of solutions versus the reality of how it is being...

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Jose Luis Cardona (Graphic Designer): Transits through the thoughts of communities, cultural manifestations and productive practices, incorporating graphic design as a participatory element and a tool for community strengthening.

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