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Growing up, I traveled throughout the Caribbean, South America, Europe and Africa with my parents. During college, I did several study abroad programs. Since graduating I've been living overseas. I now call South Africa home.

When Online Dating and Travel Collide

OKCupid, Tinder, Badoo, and private social networks are just a few ways I have met some interesting characters over the year and continents.  While friends back home are full of online horror stories about these apps, my overall overseas experience has been pretty good, I’d give it an 85%. An app’s popularity depends greatly on the region and the year. Badoo While living in Southeastern Africa, I was told by a male Irish friend that he loved Badoo. It was his “favorite piece of travel tech.” His job took him across the continent and the app facilitated his access...

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Dating in the Gulf

Let’s start with the facts, despite what you may see on a college campus, currently there are 66 million more men on the planet than women. In few places is this more evident than the Arabian Peninsula. During my first brief stay in Qatar, I became acquainted with the Gulf phenomenon, at every cafe, bar, hotel and meeting there were an abundance of ringless well dressed men.

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Videos on Internationality


Jose Luis Cardona (Graphic Designer): Transits through the thoughts of communities, cultural manifestations and productive practices, incorporating graphic design as a participatory element and a tool for community strengthening.

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