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Are You Really a Jet Setter?

If jet-setting has become a symbol for living the good life, is this the life we should aspire to?
What if a rich international life, instead of exotic escapes, was the goal?

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How to “Treat Yo Self” on a budget in Dubai

Pampering in Dubai is a way of life.

With service providers like Groupon, Cobone and Allthedeals vying for your attention, you can be getting dolled up for a fraction of the price of in the US or UK.

The thing about Dubai beauty deals in that they are usually in packages. So if you get only a mani-pedi here, (about 100 AED or approx. $25 USD), your average spend is in line with US rates. Things only start getting a little kooky when you open your groupon and see the packages: Mani-pedi, facial, massage, blow dry, eyebrows and eyelashes for 250 AED or approx. $65 USD. Noted , the equivalent beauty day would easily run about $300 USD at home.

And this is how….we get super spoiled and also start looking a bit cuter than the “pre-Dubai” era!

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Videos on Internationality


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