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A Global Intellectual

As a leading administrator with a top university in the Gulf, Patrick is bringing American business knowledge with a very global vision. Hailing from Maryland, Patrick spent several years, based in Europe, including earning an MBA in Italy before coming to the Middle East to help upgrade business education.

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Where to Go to Learn Spanish

What’s the second-most widely spoken native language in the world (after Mandarin Chinese)? Spanish! If you’re ready to learn it, take a look at our recommendations for where to do language immersion

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Why live in DUBAI?

Why Dubai is the best place to live out of over 20 global cities (including New York, Paris, Havana, Rio, DC, Lima, Atlanta, Pretoria) that the author previously inhabited

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Dubai-based Investor Relations

A multi-billion dollar investment fund headquartered in London is seeking an analyst to support investor relations in the Dubai office.

Duties include:

Closely assisting in managing institutional and high profile investor’s relationships in UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait

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Videos on Internationality


Jose Luis Cardona (Graphic Designer): Transits through the thoughts of communities, cultural manifestations and productive practices, incorporating graphic design as a participatory element and a tool for community strengthening.